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Travel Development Group

Travel Development Group
PO Box 433 / 133 Stan Ave
New Stanton, PA 15672 USA
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The Team

The Travel Development Group has pulled together a team of experts in their industry to work together to develop the right solution for your organization.

Brad D. Messner

Founder and Managing Director

With nearly 20 years developing technology solutions for the travel industry, Brad is truly an expert in the field. Having worked with corporations and travel companies both global and regional, Brad can support small projects as well as multi-million dollar global deployments. Bringing both operational and technical understanding, Brad has built leading industry-first tools on multiple locations.

Cheryl Messner


Cheryl has 30 years of experience managing teams and people. She is a problem solver with creative approaches to HR-related concerns. Cheryl has also owned a regional tax preparation and accounting firm for more than 5 years where she oversees a specialized staff of financial experts and ensuring that client expectations are not just met, but exceeded.

Nanette Heffelfinger

Developer, Travel Technology

Nanette is a seasoned travel-industry expert with multi-GDS experience and thorough knowledge of agency operations. With first-hand, working knowledge of system migrations, online booking tool configuration, as well customizing automation platforms, Nanette is a strong addition to the Travel Development Group Team. Her desire to learn drives her passion for this industry.

Wayne Messner

Junior Developer, Travel Technology

Wayne is a newcomer to the travel industry. With great attention to detail, Wayne is readily available to support client requests and ongoing maintenance and support projects. These tasks can drain the resources of an IT or Development team when not directly assigned to an individual. Wayne has the focus to ensure that ongoing needs and support are delivered on time.

Joshua Aggas

Web Developer

Joshua has worked for several years developing and designing websites, web projects, and web services for large, regional, and small enterprises. These database-integrated solutions provide dynamic and easy-to-manage deliverables for clients. Joshua has a diverse programming background which allows him to quickly adapt to client requests and ensure solid, future-focused solutions.

Chrissie Akarman

Project Manager

Chrissie has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years managing travel for small as well as large enterprises. Her detail-oriented personality and passion to develop precise and managed processes makes her a thorough and effective Project Manager. She ensures that all of TDG’s projects stay on task and are completed efficiently and on-time ensure client satisfaction.

Josh Peterson

Developer, Travel Technology

Josh has several years of development experience focused on the travel industry working on point of sale scripting, mid-office automation, as well deploying creative and unique solutions for clients. Josh also has a strong background in design and logistics which brings a unique perspective to every client project. Josh is focused on building first-class travel solutions.

DeeDee Brumn

Operations Specialist

DeeDee is a true travel operations expert with over 30 years of experience. She has overseen large teams of travel consultants in both physical and virtual environments. DeeDee has also worked with hundreds of corporations, universities, and enterprises modifying and recommending travel policy updates and enhancements. Nobody knows travel operations like DeeDee.

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