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Travel Development Group

Travel Development Group
PO Box 433 / 133 Stan Ave
New Stanton, PA 15672 USA
+1 724 309-6175

About TDG

The Travel Development Group officially began operation on May 18, 2015, providing relief to travel management companies, corporations, and travel-industry suppliers through unique and custom development and technology solutions. The group, operating globally, will provide specialized technical, financial, and operational tools to the travel industry.

The Travel Development Group, launched in May 2015, began providing industry-leading technology and operational solutions to travel management companies (TMC’s) as well as financial and operational solutions to global enterprises. With over 20 years of industry experience, this team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to solving problems faced by the travel industry for years by providing viable and cost-effective solutions.

The Travel Development Group works with TMC’s of all sizes helping review processes, recommending technology products, and providing custom configuration and development solutions to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and increase overall sales. With decades of experience, the team can speak and recommend, without bias, products and offerings from all technology providers, including industry leaders such as Concur, Cornerstone Information Systems, Grasp, Booking Builder, and more. After tool selection, the Travel Development Group can configure, program and support all facets of technical operations. In the absence of a viable tool or if no existing tools provide the precise solution required, a custom solution can be requested and deployed internally.

Developers at the Travel Development Group have built cutting-edge and innovative solutions for the travel industry for more than 20 years. These unique solutions include the first fully-automated corporate hotel rate scanner including savings reporting and full rebooking capabilities, video-chat functionality for mobile-apps, pre-trip approval for financial and non-financial needs, and systematic review of the total trip cost, not just segment-level processes.

The leadership of the Travel Development Group has significant experience in all aspects of the travel industry and are able to provide consultation and executive-level support to small, mid, and global enterprises to improve their travel program, reduce overall spend, and improve employee satisfaction. Corporations can request assistance in TMC selection, policy review, and contract negotiation.

The Travel Development Group’s staff skillset is diverse, ranging from Concur Compleat development, web service development, GDS scripting, .net development, operational and financial reporting, and much more. No request is too large or small for the group to review and provide a viable and cost-effective solution.

Founded in 2015, the Travel Development Group was formed out of the need for customized and powerful technology solutions in the travel industry. As supplier and third-party offerings have become more technical and involved, the technical skillset at most travel management companies has not grown at the same rate. The Travel Development Group was established to fill this gap and allow the full utilization of all technology available today and establish a solid foundation for future technical growth.

Social Responsibility

The Travel Development Group belives it is not just each individual's responsibility to care for our planet, its people and inhabitants, and overall well being, but also the responsibility of every corporation and enterprise. The team at The Travel Development Group belive's it is important to give back to our planet so that future generation's can enjoy it's beauty, the diversity of it's people, and it's amazing resources.

Ten percent (10%) of all revenue received will be placed aside in an escrow account. This account will be used to send team members on an annual mission and restoration trip. During this trip, team members will have the opportunity to work with local residents to restore their physical, emotional, and spirtiual needs.

Working with The Travel Development Group means contributing to the future of our planet and the well being of it's people.

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