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Travel is complicated. Every corporation, enterprise, and university must make decisions regarding their travel and expense policies. These decisions directly impact an organization’s budget, ability to hire and retain qualified employees, and ultimately can result in the overall success of the organization.

Is your organization setup for success? Is your policy able to support both your financial objectives as well as the needs of your travelers, including the entrance of millennial employees?

With an average of two decades of experience leveraging both travel operations and technology, the team members at the Travel Development Group has helped dozens of organizations improve their travel program and lead to a more robust and easier-to-manage process through:

     o Travel Policy Review and Update
     o Travel and Expense Process Review
     o Multi-Faceted Program Development for All Traveler Types (Multi-Cultural, Millennial, Virtual, etc)
     o Contract and Supplier Management and Review
     o Review and Audit of Traveler Satisfaction and Friction
     o Travel Management Company (TMC) Selection
     o Open Booking Process Review and Recommendation
     o And more…

The Travel Development Group provides a very unique offering in the industry. Not only can we evaluate and provide recommendations for solutions, but we can carry those suggestions through to deployment and develop a process for tracking results.

Your travel program is unique to your organization and must be designed with your corporation culture and goals in mind.

Interested in finding out more? Contact the Travel Development Group at +1 724 309-6175 or and schedule a free initial consultation to find out exactly how we can prepare you for the future of travel management.

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